Dog Food Safety

If you have a pet dog then you will need to understand a few things about dog food safety. Not all food items consumed by humans are suitable for dogs. Foods items like raisins, Macadamia nuts, chocolate and grapes etc are not good for dogs. Cocoa contained in chocolate is dangerous for dogs. Even raisin and grapes could cause acute danger as discovered in 2000.


Another thing most dog owners do is boiling of bones first before offering it to the dog. If the bones are cooked then there are certain changes in the physical and chemical properties due to heat which makes chewing difficult. The bones could splinter and can also prevent digestion. Another aspect of food safety for dogs is that when they are not well then medications given to humans should not be given to them.

Some of the mediations like acetaminophen or paracetamol can be quite toxic. In the same way alcoholic beverages should never be offered to the dogs. Some of the dogs may find certain poisons used for rodents, snails, insects etc quite attractive and if consumed, could harm them badly. Antifreeze is another poison, sweet in taste and dogs could accidentally walk upon a spill and lick it. If antifreeze has spilled in a certain area then it should be immediately removed.

Infections or irritations could be caused in the throat due to consumption of plants like philodendron, hops, caladium or dieffenbachia. Malignant hyperthermia could be caused even if small quantities are taken. Cleaning products, cosmetics, certain flowers like iris, daffodil, tulip, foxglove, yew, etc is dangerous to the dog if consumed. Hence a few things about dog food safety will need to be kept in mind to protect the pet dog.

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