Dog Heartworm Prevention

Dogs too suffer different kinds of health issues out of which one of them is dog heartworm, for which you will need to know about dog heartworm prevention. Different kinds of veterinary drugs are available to prevent heartworm. Moxidectin, ivermectin, milbemycin etc are popular drugs for heartworm infection available in the form of chewable tablets and pills.


During the monsoon season, dogs need to be given the drugs every month. Vets generally administer moxidectin which is available in a sustained release injection for six months. Due to concerns related to safety the moxidectin drug was taken off from the market. Another drug called Selamectin is topically used as preventive medication. This too can be administered on monthly basis. Intestinal worms and parasites get killed by these drugs.

Besides this the drugs like Selamectin helps control mites, fleas and ticks. It is essential to administer drugs regularly so that dogs can be prevented from infection up to 99 percent at least. It they are administered infrequently or irregularly then they do not prove to be effective. If a particular dose is missed by mistake then it is all right provided the following doses are taken as scheduled. Topical selamectin or ivermectin serves best for cats as well.

On the onset of the season of the local mosquito, it is best to consider heartworm prevention in dogs on a monthly basis. In many of the subtropical and tropical countries which experience a warm and temperate climate, it is very necessary to administer dog heartworm prevention.

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