Jack Guy Lafontant called racist for statement about Pétion-ville and Kenskoff

Outgoing Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant is being called a racist by former Haiti Prime Minister Evans Paul and Deputy Jerry Tardieu regarding his as they see it, derogatory, inadequate, anti-democratic and racist statements. This took place at the Tribune of the Chamber of Deputies as he was announcing his resignation.


According to Mr. Evans Paul, the resigning Prime Minister stigmatized an entire sector of the Haitian population, namely the people from Pétion-ville or Kenskoff, whom he estimates are not entitled to be involved in politic. The Deputy of Petion-Ville, Jerry Tardieu went even further by calling these statements, discriminatory and racist.

Do you thing that outgoing Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant is right for saying that?

Do you think he is a rasist?

Evans Paul and Deputy Jerry Tardieu are just trying to capitalize on the statement?

Following his resignation, the former Prime Minister Lafontant, Head of the Government made a derogatory statement on the inhabitants of Pétion-ville or Kenskoff. He said the inhabitants of Pétion-ville or Kenskoff are incapable to run the country; they are not qualified enough to join politics. In response to the departing prime, minister former Prime Minister Evans Paul said, he deplores the undemocratic remarks made by the outgoing Prime Minister at the Tribune of the Chamber of Deputies. The resigning Prime Minister stigmatized an entire sector of the Haitian population. As per news reports dated July 15, 2018, during a meeting before the Senate Security and public safety Commission, Prime Minister Lafontant said that "there is no insecurity in Haiti." "It's the Haitian media and others on social media making people believe there's insecurity in Haiti."

The Deputy Jerry Tardieu (Pétion-ville) was reacted and firmly condemned Lafontant's statement. Tardieu said, Lafontant made a big mistake in his statement. He was surprised when Lafontant spoke of the people of Pétion-ville in such a way. By analyzing his discriminatory and racist statements, he saw a racist connotation and hopes he will explain to Pétion-ville what he meant. He further added, at the highest level of the state we expect that leaders should have an inclusion speech and not a speech of exclusions. The speech that we expect should be a speech that advocates unity, solidarity--- never a speech that advocates division or separation.

Dr. Lafontant was a supporter of Jovenel Moïse since he launched his presidential campaign under the banner of the Haitian Bald Headed Party (PHTK) in 2015. After a second series of consultations with the presidents of the two chambers, new president Jovenel Moïse announced his choice for prime minister via Twitter on the evening of Feb. 22, 2017. People knew this gastroenterologist as a soft-spoken, serious, and honest person who had no prior experience in politics.

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Subject: Jack Guy Lafontant called racist for statement about Petion-ville and Kenskoff edit

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