Haitian President Philippe Sudre Dartiguenave

Philippe Sudre Dartiguenave was a Haitian Politician. He was born on April 6, 1863 in Haiti.


Philippe Sudre Dartiguenave was pro -American who ruled under the control of United State government. He became the president of Haiti from 12th August 1915 to 15th May 1922 through the Haitian-American treaty. This treaty involved American and Haitian military force and it was under the control of U.S marine. U.S had powers to control Haiti's finances and would intrude Haiti any time they wanted. Haitians were not allowed to elect a president. In fact, Philippe Sudre Dartiguenave was a U.S selection.

In 1917 the U.S government tried forcing Haiti into a new constitution. This constitution gave foreigners right to own land but this was not applied since it was illegal. Haiti's law makers started to rebel against U.S administration and decided to draft anti-American constitution.

Philippe Sudre Dartiguenave was forced to dissolve the law makers. Racism and forced labor became part of this government this forced Haitians to demonstrate. The demonstrations forced U.S administration to reorganize and centralize power. Haiti economy improved, though poor Haitians remained poor since there was no one to care for them. He died on July 26, 1926.

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