Bandit on motorcycle killed inspector Daniel Pierre in Delmas 31

I hate to say this but Haiti, Port-au-Prince in particular is not one of the safest places to be in at the end of the year. I will be even be more specific, the Demas area is a death trap and for the past few weeks, is has been at the center of most of the assassinations. The latest victim is a Police Officer. We learned that a bandit on motorcycle just killed inspector Daniel Pierre of the Judiciary Police (DCPJ) in Delmas 31.


Haitian kreyol:

ansasen sou motosiklèt touye enspektè Danyèl Pierre nan Delmas 31

M 'rayi di sa, men Ayiti, Pòtoprens an patikilye se pa youn nan kote ki pi bon yo nan fen ane a. Mwen pral menm vini plis espesifik, zòn nan Demas se yon pèlen lanmò pou semèn yo ki sot pase, Delmas se sant nan pi fò nan asasina yo. Dènye viktim nan se yon ofisye lapolis. Nou te aprann ke yon ansasen sou motosiklèt jis touye enspektè Danyèl Pierre nan Polis Jidisyè (DCPJ) nan Delmas 31.

Ki sa ou Panse?

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Subject: Bandit on motorcycle killed inspector Daniel Pierre in Delmas 31 edit

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