Now look at me inside the national palace with champagne, said Lavalas activist

There is no doubt that several factions of the Lavalas movement were present in force at the National Palace for the inauguration of Jocelerme Privert as Haiti new Provisional President. The event was marked by the presence of the current Fanmi Lavalas presidential candidate Maryse Narcisse and Aristide 's own wife, Mildred Aristide. Some people said that Jean Bertrand Aristide had deployed his heaviest weapon in a show of force.


Jean-Bertrand Aristide And A Rooster

Ores Nixon who is a Fanmi lavalas activist in the street was also present during the inauguration of Jocelerme Privert. According to Ores, "The last time I came to the palace was in 2003 when President Aristide was in power, now look at me, inside the national palace with a glass of champagne, celebrating the inauguration of our President Jocelerme Privert"

Do you think the Lavalas party of Jean Bertrand Aristide is really back in power in Haiti?

What do you think?

Haitian Kreyol:

Yon Lavalas aktivis di "Koulye a, gade m 'anndan palè nasyonal la ak chanpay"

Pa gen okenn dout ke plizyè faksyon nan mouvman Lavalas la te prezan an fòs nan Palè Nasyonal la pou inogirasyon Jocelerme Privert kòm nouvo Prezidan Pwovizwa Ayiti. Evènman an te make pa prezans aktyèl kandida prezidansyèl Fanmi Lavalas la Maryse Narcisse ak pwòp madanm Aristide, Mildred Aristide. Gen kèk moun ki di ke Jean Bertrand Aristide te deplwaye zam lou nan inogirasyon Jocelerme Privert pou montre fòs li.

Ores Nixon ki se yon aktivis Fanmi lavalas nan lari a te prezan pandan inogirasyon Jocelerme Privert. Dapre Ores, "Dènye fwa mwen te nan palè an se te nan 2003 lè Prezidan Aristide te nan pouvwa a, kounye a gade m', andedan palè nasyonal la ak yon vè chanpay, selebre inogirasyon Prezidan nou an Jocelerme Privert"

Exke ou panse pati Lavalas de Jean Bertrand Aristide reyèlman tounen nan pouvwa an Ayiti?

Ki sa ou panse?

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espoir fait vivre quitter yo viv ac espoir si nan 2 mandat li pa river fais one entier cote pouvoir ca ye la expliquer moin li moin pa cpmpren peup la te nan le rue tap rele foc li aller si moin gain bonne menoire you fou yo ap pete tet

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