Haitian Government construction plan of Administrative city of Port-au-Prince

Opposition Challenges Government of Haiti that Port-au-Prince Reconstruction not a Public Utility Project


On June 11, 2014 the government of Haiti (GOH), during the Council of Government's 33rd Session, presented construction plans of the Administrative city of Port-au-Prince drafted for Port-au-Prince's reconstruction, where government buildings are located, along with judiciary and cultural institutions. The plan also includes construction of four-lane corridors bounded by sidewalks, and public plazas. The GOH also reported on the compensation program put in place to reimburse property owners, or tenants displaced by the large-scale project.

The Unit for Housing Construction and Public Buildings Executive Director, engineer Harry Adam, refuted allegations of a majority of opposition party leaders that claim the GOH is attempting to appropriate land illegally. Adam responded, claiming "the process is in strict compliance with the law of 1979 on the forced expropriation . . ."

The Haitian Government has pushed through, with the help of the Public Works, Transport, and Communications Ministry, an appraisal of properties to accelerate reimbursement to property owners. While beginning the Administrative city of Port-au-Prince city center project, those affected will be relocated in public housing out by Port-au-Prince airport.

The Haitian Government reminded the public that beginning in 2012 the compensation fund was ready to start reimbursing owners and tenants under the declared public utility clause. The GOH is now urging procrastinators to get their deeds and documents notarized as quickly as possible before the fund runs out. And to make no false public pronouncements that ignore legal provisions as well as the constitutionality that cover this public utility project.

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