Ladwàn nan Thomassique brûlé Apre ajan tire 2 chofè kamyon

Nou te aprann ke Samdi pase (5 desanm) ajan Ladwàn nan vil fwontyè a Thomassique ouvèr zam sou de chofè kamyon ke yo te sispèk te ap travèse fwontyè a nan teritwa ayisyen Avèk kèk machandiz ki pa te enspekte. Youn chofè, Déribert Nelson te frape nan li te mouri imedyatman. Yo te jwenn Lòt chofè a, Jean François Pierre, pita ki te mouri tou.


Rezidan yo te fache pou itilizasyon gwo zam sa yo, te pran lari pou te pwotèste kont sa. Yo mete barikad, boule kawotchou ak mete dife nan Ladwàn Thomassique

Ki sa ou panse?

Custom building in Thomassique set on fire following truck driver shooting

We learned that Haitian Customs agents in the border city of Thomassique opened fire on two truck drivers suspected of crossing the border into Haitian territory with some uninspected goods. This took place on Sunday, December 6, 2015. Based on preliminary information obtained, the two drivers were unarmed. One driver, Déribert Nelson, was hit in the head and died immediately. The other driver, Jean François Pierre, passed away on the way to the hospital. According to sources from the Police, these two individuals were known by the local authorities for a history of bringing contraband merchandize into the country.

On Monday, angry by the violence and the excessive use of force by the customs agents, the residents of Thomassique took to the streets to protest. They set barricades, burned tires and unidentified individuals set fire to the customs building in Thomassique. The Officer responsible for the shooting of the two unarmed truck drivers was able to escape unharmed.

Many criticized the actions of the Police Officers for killing the two individuals. A UDMO unit of the Police Nationale d'Haiti was later seen in the area in an attempt to bring calm.

We also learned that several "mandates" have been issued, one for the arrest of the officer responsible for the shooting, two, for the individuals responsible for setting the Custom building in Thomassique on fire

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