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The power of Radio in the Haitian Society

Haitian radio is the chief means of media communication on the island. Few have income to buy a TV, and those who have sets are subject to unreliable electricity service. Going online to access news coverage is impossible for all but the rich. Not only is newspaper distribution minimal, but 80% of the population are illiterate. The only information source available to everyone is the radio and radio stations are plentiful in Haiti. Reception is widely accessible in virtually every village on the island. Radios cost little to own and run on batteries.

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Martelly removed security for Jean-Bertrand Aristide in violation of Haitian laws

Security for Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the former President of Haiti, was removed as a part of an administrative decision made by Martelly administration. This decision came 48 hours after the appearance of the former president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide in court on May 8. This decision was made despite the fact that former heads of state are entitled to get security. Garry Pierre-Paul Charles, host of Scoop FM Radio, confirmed this news on Friday, May 10.

Garry Pierre-Paul Charles reported that this decision was made by the Martelly administration because Aristide took the role of political arrival by making declarations on Thursday, May 9. The declarations made by the former head of the state included the possibilities of electoral sweep by the political party of Jean-Bertrand Aristide - Fanmi Lavalas but he did not mention the name of Jean Leopold Dominique during his declarations. The Martelly administration removed the security because political arrival is in direct violation of the laws of the Republic of Haiti.

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