Bernier Sylvain, Director General Radio and Tele National (RNH),

The Haitian public administration has recently undergone the appointment of 6 new Directors General and 2 Deputy Directors to for positions like the Director General Radio and Tele National (RNH). Bernier Sylvain is one of the people receiving the promotion.


These appointments were published in a presidential decree in the official newspaper of Haiti "Le Moniteur" on Thursday May 17, 2012. These are as follows: Mr. Bernier Sylvain, who was already the head of the National Radio of Haiti (RNH), was appointed Director General. He replaces the director Pradel Henriquez, who was in the post since 2006. Gamal Augustin was appointed Deputy Director of Radio and Television National of Haiti (RTNH). Mr. Emmanuel Piard has been appointed Director of the National Center for Geospatial Information (CNIGS).

Other than Bernier Sylvain, Mr. Alix Célestin replaces Evens Charles to the General Directorate of National Port Authority (APN) while Mr. Fresnel Jean-Baptiste has been appointed the Director General of the General Administration of Customs (AGD) and Clovis Noel will now work as Deputy Director General. Mr. Lionel Duvalsaint is the newly appointed as Director General of the National Directorate of Water and Sanitation (DINEPA). The post of Director General of the Bureau of Mines and Energy has been taken by Mr. Luckner Remarais who moves in to replace the engineer Dieuseul Anglade.

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