Parsley Massacre - Slaughtering of Haitians By The Dominicans

Haiti was under military occupation for around 19 years. In the Dominican Republic from 2nd October 1937 to 4th October 1937 fifteen thousand to twenty thousand immigrant workers from Haiti were massacred. Machetes and bayonets were used to slaughter them by big landowners and the army in Dominican Republic.


Pitchforks were used to spear women and heads of infants were smashed against the walls. No firearms were used in the Parsley Massacre. The ones who tried to escape were captured at the border and then killed.

Raphael Leonidas Trujillo's Role

Raphael Leonidas Trujillo, the dictator in the Dominican ordered the murder for expropriating small peasants and cleansing the border. This was done so that big landowners could take over the lands of small peasants. On January 31, 1938 both the governments came into an agreement to settle border issues between the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

All proceedings were dropped in the international court and Stenio Vincent's Haitian government completely capitulated. Victims were paid $75,000 in compensation by the Dominican Republic. The victims did not get justice but $25 to $33 was paid for each Haitian that was murdered.

Oppression Of The Ruling Classes

During the Parsley Massacre, the ruling classes made the Haitian immigrants a scapegoat as part of an ideological campaign. In 1822, also the ruling feudal class of Haiti first invaded and then occupied the island's eastern part. It was responsible for repressive and reactionary policies which included closure of universities and schools.

In both countries, the ruling classes brought about many struggles. It was the systematic policies enabled by the state that led to the abuse and exploitation of workers from Haitian origin.

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