Daniel Beaubrun and Lolo founded Boukman Eksperyans

Son of Haitian actor Daniel Beaubrun is a talented bass player. He, together with his brother Lolo founded the band Boukman Eksperyans in late 1970s. There is a story behind this band which was named after the legendary Jamaican-born voodoo priest Boukman Dutty.


Boukman bravely fought for the Creole freedom in 1804. Lolo with his wife were there to find their cultural roots which led them to a religion which was a huge opposition force to the Haiti government and also to the dominant Catholic Church. In influence to such a religion they began their own drum ensemble under the name Boukman Eksperyans.

Boukman Eksperyans had the very brilliant Daniel at the electric guitar, even Seny in the center percussion section and Francois as a lead singer. For Daniel and his group, it was not that easy to get success in Haiti. Minidaz bands and RARA groups were that time in rise in Haitian music. Daniel Beaubrun and his group realized that these famous groups had ignored the social issues in their music which they corrected and within a very short span of time they got there recognition among the local public of Haiti. Their song Wett Chenn won the third price in pop music competition in 1989.

Ke'-m pa sote was their second enormous hit and became an anthem during the presidential campaign. Daniel with its band Boukman Eksperyans reached the peak in 1990s. These days Daniel is collaborating with several Haitian and non-Haitian music contracts and is still famous in the circles as a luminous bass player.

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