RNPD, Professor Leslie François Manigat, targeting Haitian youth

A call has been issued to the youths of Haiti. By whom has it been made? Former Haitian President and professor Leslie François Manigat is the man responsible for the call that would mobilize the young in Haiti for the purpose of changing the future through politics.


The Rally of Progressive National Democrats (RDNP), represented by current coordinator for National Youth Council of the RDNP, Présumé Montès, wants Haitian youths to join the party, following the bid of the former president and founder of the party. Describing the current course of the country, under the regime of President Michele Martelly and Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, as a "shipwreck", the party promises to train the young recruits to become capable leaders.

For his part, Manigat urged the young by regaling the attributes of the RDNP. In bullet points, he said the RDNP was a big family that values families; a party that believes in human equality; that protects patriotism, true democracy and social justice; that supports the conglutination of modern technology with the traditions and values that govern the nation; that supports open dialogue with other countries; and one that advocates the training of people to push forward the country's development.

Manigat took office as the nation's 43rd president after an election controlled by the military in January 1988. A victim of the June 1988 coup by General Henri Namphy, Manigat tried his hand at office again in the February 2006 election, but was beat out by Rene Preval. A former lecturer at the l'Université de Paris-VIII Vincennes, he is now 83 years old.

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