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The city of Verettes in the Arrondissement of Saint-Marc has a lot to offer. Not only it provides a vibrant and lively night life, it also offers security to its residents and visitors. A number of restaurants, clubs and other entertainment venues are available in Verettes, making music popular in the area. Though it has an active night life, people have nothing to worry about when it comes to their safety. According to reports, the city has an impressive record because it has a very low crime rate.


The city's 51,000 population is divided between two social classes - the rich and the masses. Wealthy families can be recognized by the houses they live in, as most of them reside in homes designed with iron gates and large stone walls. Also, most businesses in the city are owned by rich and well-off families.

Education is another important sector in the city. In fact, many people from outside the city go to Verettes to look for a good school - may it be a kindergarten, primary or secondary school or college. Aside from education, the city takes pride for its stable political situation. The late President Dumarsais Estime set high standards for the city during his administration. He modernized the city by implementing different projects, including a water distribution system, a sewer system, and sidewalks, among others. Even if leaders after him had a difficult time meeting his standards, the political climate in the city remains in order.

These are only some of the good things about Verettes. Other aspects that the city is good at include farming and livestock management.

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Tom Braak says...

I lived in Verrettes for 23 years, until March of 2018 when I got run over. Beautiful place and terrific people.

I married a lady from Vyelo (Ficilta), her mom sells goat meat in the marche (Hi TiSoun!)

Si ou nan Veret, di bonswa ak eko pou mwen! e tout moun! Di mwen byen kouya.


Kounya, nou rete nan

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Veronique says...

The name is not Fonds-Verettes but VERRETTES it is my city please correct.

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Erlf Cajo says...

I think you are talking about Verettes Close to St Marc in the Department of Artibonite where President Estimé is from and not Fond-Verettes that you show on the map (someone could say between Furcy and Jacmel) this is another way to go to Jacmel, this is a complete different area. Please make the correction.

The description is ok but for the wrong

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