New kidnapping tactics in Haiti using seduction to target men

Men in Haiti must now be careful with their love life. They may think they are falling in love but instead may be falling right into a kidnapper's hands. According to inspector Garry Derosiers, spokesperson for Haiti National Police, kidnappers in Haiti are now using new strategies to commit acts of kidnapping. Here is how it works: Some young ladies would start seducing a men at a Disco club and invite them home. However, instead of taking the men to their home, they take them to their accomplices and demand ransom for their release.


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Haitian Kreyol:

Nouvo taktik kidnape yo kote fanm séduire nom nomn

Gason an Ayiti kounye a dwe fè atansyon ak lavi renmen yo. Yo ka panse ke yo ap tonbe damou men olye yo kapab tonbe dwat nan men yon kidnapè. Dapre enspektè Garry Derosiers, pòtpawòl pou Polis Nasyonal an Ayiti, kidnapè yo kounye a sèvi avèk nouvo estrateji pou yo poze zak kidnapin yo. Se ki jan li fonksyone? Gen kèk jenn fanm ki ape mache nan Disko Klib pou yo séduire jenn nomn epi envite yo lakay yo. Sepandan, olye pou yo minnin mesye yo kay yo, jenn fanm yo pote yo kay konplis yo pou mande ranson pou yo lage yo.

Kisa ou panse?

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