Will Dimanche before Senate Committee on Towing

Will Dimanche, Director of Traffic Services and Traffic Police, came under fire about procedures used in towing vehicles from Senator Steven Benoit, of the Senate Committee on Justice and Security. Benoit wanted answers about what companies are towing, who their owners are, precise tow fees, third-party money allocation, and sources of money transactions. In short, he senses a fraud scheme. He suggests the Highway Code is not being followed by Dimanche.


The process of towing vehicles in Port-au-Prince and Pétion-Ville has gotten bogged down. Both have seen an increase in motor vehicles and more companies doing business. A third problem is the rise in abandoned vehicles on public thoroughfares.

Dimanche gave costs for towing, but avoided naming tow companies. Instead, he protested the State was unfairly deriving income from the tows because it has no tow service. In the next breath, Will Dimanche says the monies from the tows were divided between the State (unfairly) and the companies performing the tow (un-named).

Frustrated with Dimanche's answers, Senator Steven Benoit pressured him to document clearly, according to the Highway Code, all standard operating procedures used for towing vehicles, including designated third-party agents, their allocation processes, tow rate disclosures, and accounting practices through third-party finance institutions.

Will Dimanche, Director of Central Directorate of Traffic Police (DCPR), also got a grilling from Senator Privert, who noted illegalities the Director is committing, because he has contractual agreements with tow companies, the Department of Justice's (DOJ) legal turf. The DOJ is the only agent certified to sign contracts for the police.

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