Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe responded to Senate convocation, How did he do?

After 3 convocations not respected by Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, it finally took place yesterday, June 4th, 2013. The Prime Minister spent over 11 hours in the Senate answering questions from a number of Senators. He was threatened with a possible interpellation if he did not respond to this convocation.


According to comments from many Senators as well as many responses from social medias and radios so far, Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe did not convince them with his responses yesterday. This includes explanations given on the use of 5 billion Gourdes disbursed during the period of emergency last year, projects in various departments, road construction, Airport construction as well as respect for the Haitian Constitution.

How did you rate the performance of the Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe and his Ministerial cabinet? Do you think he was excellent? Was his performance average? or do you think he needs to be removed from his post due to incompetence?

How about the Haitian Senators who were present at the convocation? How did you find the performance of the following Senators in the convocation session:
- Senator Steven Benoit
- François Annick Joseph
- Jean-Baptiste Bien-Aimé
- Jean-William Jeanty
- John Joël Joseph,
- Moise Jean-Charles
- Wesner Polycarpe
- Senator Lamber and others

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Bo Remond says...

One person who performed very well was Senator Steven Benoît. According to the Senator, the Haitian Prime Minister display a Photo album to them. To me one positive thing I see in last night convocation, Many Senators performed very well and they are developing their investigation skills.

At the same time the "Sou Sou" in the Haitian Senate are being

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Pale Kare says...

Sa Se yon to payi chage ak Vole. Moin konnin le ke povwa sa fini gin anpil moun kap anba kod

Matelly ap van on se bagay, "Li Gin Ke Sansib" Tout moune pran nan sa. Pandan ce tan, Lap fini vann payi-a nan min nou

Ti payi sa Chage ak Vole, Prezidan, Premye Minis, yo

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Jinette Laveau says...

If you had problem when Duvalier was in power for corruption, it is nothing compared to the team in power today.

One difference in term of corruption between the Duvalier era and the Martelly era is that only a small group of Haitians were getting rich.

During Martelly's government, the Presidential family, the Prime Minister's family and friends, the international community, the big business people from the Dominican Republic and other are getting rich in the name of poor

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Paula Sasou says...

The Haitian Government proved yesterday in his performance that Senator Moise Jean-Charles has been right all alone.

Where are those people who never wanted to give credit to Senator Moise jean-Charles?

We in the North of Haiti are very proud of our Senator.

So far he has been the leading Senator to hold his head against the current Government.

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Joseph Jean says...

This is a disgrace to the Haitian people.

We have a Prime Minister, not only is not eligible for teh position, he is also unable to perform.

If Haiti had control of its own destiny, the Prime Minister would have been out of his job today

I hope Prime Minister has a last chance to show that he is a man. He will announce his resignation effective

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