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Steven Benoit, I will not participate in the next presidential election

We don't know how many members of the G8 will participate in the next presidential election in scheduled for October 9; however, we know for sure that Steven Benoit will not. he has made it official that he will not be a candidate in the next presidential elections in Haiti. According to Steven, he will give its full support to the candidate that the G-8 will designate. As you may remember, Senator Steven Benoit who ran in the previous presidential election under Platform Konviksyon was place on 8th position. He is a member of the G8.

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Steven Benoit wants current Senators to elect Next President

With the anticipation that there will not be a Presidential election run-off in time to elect a president by the constitutional date of February 7, 2016, senator Steven Benoit said it will be the responsibility of the current 10 Senators in function to get together and elect a new President of Haiti. According to the Senator, this option is the closest he can find in relationship to the amended constitution of 1987.

What do you think?

Haitian Kreyol:

Steven Benoit di 10 Senatè yo ap eli pwochen Gouvènman pwovizwa an

Avèk antisipasyon ke pap gen eleksyon prezidansyèl nan tan pou eli yon prezidan anvan dat ki konstitisyonèl nan, 7 fevriye 2016, senatè Steven Benoit te di li pral responsablite aktyèl 10 Senatè yo ki an fonksyon pou yo reini ansanm e eli yon nouvo Prezidan an Ayiti. Dapre Senatè a, opsyon sa a se li ki pi pre avèk konstitisyon amande 1987.

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Steven Benoit wounded by rubber bullet during protest

You are looking at Senator Steven Benoit as he was wounded by a rubber bullet in the face during a protest march on November 18, the day of the battle of Vertiere. He was in the company of Senator Moise Jean Charles who also was a victim in the protest. The Senator described the action of the Police officer responsible for the shooting as illegal and demanded that he is punished. Senator Benoit also reaffirmed his commitment to the protest demanding that an independent commission be established to investigate alleged election fraud. According to the Senator, "the Police officer fired on us when we arrived. They clearly knew who we were". He went on to say that the manifestation was calm until that time.

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New Decree given $50,000 to Government Ministers, $30,000 to Secretaries

Senator Steven Benoit cried out for a new Decree recently issued by the Martelly government. The decree that appeared in The Monitor number 193 on October 8, 2015 increased the severance pay to all current Ministers and Secretary of States.

According to Steven Benoit, the new decree will give a severance pay in the amount of 2.5 Million gourdes or about $50,000 US dollars to each current Minister at the end of their duties and another 2 Million gourdes or about $40,000 US dollars to each current Secretary.

The Martelly government has appointed over 30 Secretaries and each will be entitled to this money.

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Steven Benoit accused Konviksyon for selling Mandats

It appears that former former Senator and Presidential Candidate Steven Benoit made a mistake. He thought that the political party he joined had conviction, but doesn't. Senator Benoit reported that his Political Party, Konviksyon, received 13,725 mandates on his behalf for election observation but only gave 6,766 to the Senator.

He broke them down as follows:
In Nord Department, 1362 were assigned to him, he received only: 651. In Artibonite Departmebt out of 1779, he received only: 627 and in Ouest Depatment, out of 4436, he only received 1492

Senator Benoit already wrote a letter to informed the CEP of the problem. He did not hesitate to implicate directly Hans Tippenhauer, Bertony Belgarde and Nixon Batalier who are the coordinating members of the party Konviksyon who have possession of the money that he was supposed to have. he further stated that not a dime went on his pocket.

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Steven Benoit, platform Konviksyon

Steven Benoit, Presidential Candidate Under Platform Konviksyon
Campaigning for president of Haiti has turned to a marketing process where candidates present themselves as products, differentiate themselves from the other products and make proposals on how they will perform if they get the job. However, some of the campaigners are more serious.

The promises of Steven Benoit, the candidate for the President's seat under the banner of the platform "Konviksyon", are based on five pillars. First Pillar: Efficiency, transparency, justice and public safety, fight against corruption, building and serving the citizenship; Second Pillar: Creation of wealth, opportunities for employment and market competition with special emphasis on few selected core sectors; Third Pillar: Provision for basic social services like health, education, water sanitation, family planning, social protection, etc; Fourth Pillar: Spatial and environment management involving likes of watershed management, reforestation, urban development planning, biodiversity and water resources management, etc; Fifth Pillar: Involvement of Diaspora to enhance Regional and International Cooperation.

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Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe responded to Senate convocation, How did he do?

After 3 convocations not respected by Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, it finally took place yesterday, June 4th, 2013. The Prime Minister spent over 11 hours in the Senate answering questions from a number of Senators. He was threatened with a possible interpellation if he did not respond to this convocation.

According to comments from many Senators as well as many responses from social medias and radios so far, Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe did not convince them with his responses yesterday. This includes explanations given on the use of 5 billion Gourdes disbursed during the period of emergency last year, projects in various departments, road construction, Airport construction as well as respect for the Haitian Constitution.

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Will Dimanche before Senate Committee on Towing

Will Dimanche, Director of Traffic Services and Traffic Police, came under fire about procedures used in towing vehicles from Senator Steven Benoit, of the Senate Committee on Justice and Security. Benoit wanted answers about what companies are towing, who their owners are, precise tow fees, third-party money allocation, and sources of money transactions. In short, he senses a fraud scheme. He suggests the Highway Code is not being followed by Dimanche.

The process of towing vehicles in Port-au-Prince and Pétion-Ville has gotten bogged down. Both have seen an increase in motor vehicles and more companies doing business. A third problem is the rise in abandoned vehicles on public thoroughfares.

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Haiti's Senate approved Haiti prime minister nominee Laurent Lamothe

The 39 years old Laurent Lamothe who is currently the minister of Foreign Affairs, was nominated on Tuesday evening by the senate. This is a ratification of president's Michel choice. Laurent has been friends with the president for some time now. The post for prime minister has been vacant for 6 months since president Michel got into a personal indoor crash with the former holder of the post, Garry Conille. Martelly picked Laurent Lamothe as his nominee in March after his first prime minister.

Laurent Lamothe was in the telecommunication business before he turned into politics. He won the elections by 19 to 3 in his favor. The results, though not rigged, were criticized by opposition leader Steven Benoit who claimed that Laurent has not lived in the country for the past 5 years and has not been paying his taxes. Now all that remains is for Laurente Lamothe to go through the Chamber of Deputies for final approval. The new prime minister will be in charge of jump starting rebuilding efforts related to the massive 2010 earthquake that have been slow to take hold in part because of unabated infighting between Martelly and his critics in Parliament. With a prime minister the country will be able to speed up the process of reconstruction.

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Allegation of Coup D'Etat conspiracy against Michel Martelly

Breaking News. President Michel Martelly made a surprise visit during a meeting at the residence of Prime Minister Garry Conille and it was not to praise them. Quite the contrary.

According to information obtained from Radio Kiskeya, one of the senators who was present at the meeting made a phone call to President Martelly, stating that a group of Senators was plotting a coup D'Etat against him.

Some Senators reported that they had to leave as President Martelly became furious and was very offensive toward many of them.

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