Port-Salut as a Tourist Destination

Port-Salut is the Haitian tourist industry's best-kept secret. Located on the southern-most coastal part of the Tiburon Peninsula, it lies close to the western tip of it. Ironically, though it contains paved routes, very few tourists know of its existence. Beaches that embrace the village are made of white sand, fine and almost sugar-like in texture. Favorite beaches of the Haitian residents living there include Plage Macaya and Kalico.


A famous personage, who was born, raised, and resides there is former Haiti President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Electrical service is not dependable in Port-Salut and the natives retire and arise, according to the sun's setting and rising.

Some of the activities visitors can enjoy in Port-Salut, besides relaxing on the beaches, are exploring the coastline by bike, which can be accomplished in a couple of hours; experiencing mountain waterfalls and the fresh-water pools they create; and spelunking through a maze of caves, where at any time you may emerge onto a scene of breath-taking beauty overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

Port-au-Salut is a friendly and tranquil place, ensured by the UN Peacekeeping Mission that has occupied the island for well over a decade. The Haiti Minister of Tourism, Stephanie Ville-Drouin, has been working hard to develop tourist trade on the island, to draw more tourists to the barely-known jewels of Haiti, among them Port-Salut. If enough private investment can be secured for the village, it will benefit greatly from the tourist dollars spent there.

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