27 Trailers & Dominican Trucks Loaded With Goods, Blocked In Ouanaminthe

On Thursday, March 5th, Blas Peralta, the President of the National Federation of Dominican Transportation (Fenatrado), has confirmed that 27 trailers and Dominican trucks, loaded with cement, rebars and food, were seized at Ouanaminthe after registering with the Haitian customs authority. In spite of requests from the Dominican authority, and by Jhovanny Escoto, the representative of the Fenatrado (Dominican Republic's biggest truckers union with a force of around 7,000 trucks) the Haitian customs has decided to retain the trucks as they had already been registered with their customs, but asked the Dominican drivers to return to their territory until the situation returns to normalcy. A total of 24 trucks was blocked in the customs area of Ouanaminthe and 3, at the exit of Cap-Haitien because of planned protests and threats of retaliation against the Dominican drivers.


The Haitian authority has reinforced members of the riot special unit of the National Police of Haiti, at the Consulates of Ouanaminthe and Cap-Haitien. On the Dominican side, a section of the Dominican army, CESFRONT (Cuerpo Especializado de Seguridad Fronteriza Terrestre), and other state security agencies have redoubled their vigilance in the bi-national market at Dajabón. Blas Peralta after his futile attempt to release the trucks has informed the Dominican truck drivers not to cross into Haitian territory until the situation returns to normal. The border at Dajabon, in the north goes from Cap Haitien to Santiago. The private vehicles cross the borders between 8 AM and 6 PM with special government permission from the country of origin. The bi-national market at Dajabon is a lifeline for many Haitians. Thousands of Haitians cross the border to reach there with their cheap merchandise like everything from clothes to diapers to food. According to Dominican security report, a large number of Haitian migrants regularly try to cross the border illegally. This has worsened the historical rocky relationship between the two countries. On December 31, 2014, the Dominical authority 'CESFRONT' seized a 45-feet long container truck loaded with hundreds of boxes of different brands of whiskey and cigarettes, washing machines, televisions, textiles and other goods. It is a wonder how the truck departed Haiti for Dajabón with contraband goods without any permissive documents. Similarly, on February 16th, 2015, the Dominican military intelligence service, seized a Haitian shipment of 1,204 bags of contraband garlic weighing around 12 tons; it was hidden in the compartments of a Mack cement Silo Truck.

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