November 21, 2007, the flight that did not take place for Michel Martelly

What is going on? Wasn't the decision for President Michel Martelly to finally give his passport as proof that he is in fact a Haitian citizen take care of any doubt? What is the deal with November 21, 2007?


On Thursday, President Michel Martelly accompanied by representatives of several religious groups in Haiti and by U.S. Ambassador to Haiti Kenneth Merten, made a public presentation to the press of 8 passports. President Michel Martelly hoped that these passports given to the Haitian senate for verification would put the question about his nationality to rest once and for all.

That is not to be the case.

It seems that the president was better off keeping his passport in his pocket as he said that he was going to do. The presentation of a total of six Haitian passports that President Michel Martelly claimed that he has been using to travel does not seem to convince many senators responsible to investigate on the nationality of the president. According to many experts in the Haitian political landscape, these passports instead raised even more questions about the president. In addition, many have gone so so far to question the involvement of the US ambassador in Haiti's internal affairs.

This is like asking my dad I am living with that he has no rights to be involved in my business.

More importantly, there is now the issue of the November 21, 2007 where American Airlines has no record of a Michel Martelly boarding on their flight from Port-au-Prince. However, the passport of the Haitian president clearly showed that he had a stamp dated November 21, 2007.

Is it possible that the president could have been in another flight with another carrier?

Is it possible that there was a mistake on the stamp and the date of November 21 appeared as mistake?

Is it possible that the stamp could have been back dated?

So many unanswered questions?

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Pierre says...

di sa ou pa konnen tande se konsa nou ye depi yon mounn ap di sa ki verite nou vle pou nou tiyel se sa ki redemokrasi a sa, pouki sa misyen pa bay tout enfomasyon yo si li vwe se yon haisyen li ye .kon yeya li paka pale se blan kap pale pouli neg sa yo ap travay pou yo kraze peyi se selsa yap fe men kom haiti se yon te glise li ye nap we tonbe yo

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Joblo Emile Irase says...

Piske Martelly prezante paspo li yo devan senate ki akize li a, kounyeya se tou pa martelly pou li rele misye devan lajistis pou li prouve kote li gen doub nasyonalite a devan pake oubyen enstans jistis ki ka regle kose misye pa ka bay prev epi li dwe kondane pa lajjistis epi mete misye reflechi nan prizon.

se yon tidosye ki tre fasil pou regle si martelly te gen moun ak li ki ta'p panse sou ka pa yon kesyon de palman men li an afe ak yon endividi ki akize l epi pou li fe misye sispann fe difamasyon sou moun.yon chef leta pa dwe janm pe pran yon desizyon ki sipoze pran. si se pa sa, anyen serye pap janm regle nan peyi sa. lajistis dwe fe yon manda envitasyon kont senate ki akize prezidan pou li vin bay plis esplikasyon sou zafe sa epi pou li bay prev

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Djojo says...

The president getting married to a foreigner is not a big matter.

Aristide did it and no one did say anything.

The doubt that I have is why so many questions about the president true nationality.

Their should be an amendment of the constitution to allow Haitian with other nationality to govern their country.

Because Haiti is a sovereign nation I don't that the American ambassador in Haiti has no right to interfere in the country internal

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Harold Rocourt says...

Is it ok that from 1987 to 2012 not to have a "Conseil Electoral Permanent?"
Is it ok for a President of Haiti while in office to marry a foreiner?

Is it ok for a Haitian Senator to accuse the President of Haiti, using the press, without showing any proof after

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