U.N. troops out in six out of 10 Departments by Election time in Haiti

The Haitian government that has been relying so much on the UN to provide some kind of stability in the country is worried as United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti(MINUSTAH) announced that they will not be present in 6 of the 10 Departments for the presidential, legislative and municipal elections.


MINUSTAH is currently conducting a staged withdrawal in Haiti. Within the next two years, it expects to withdraw most of its soldiers from the Northeast, Northwest, Central, Grand'Anse, Nippes and Southeast of Haiti.

The Haitian government doesn't not have a plan yet to replace the UN force that will be leaving. According to Haitian minister responsible for election-related matters, Fritz Jean-Louis, the withdrawal is a big concern. Local electoral authorities are concerned as well.

Do you think that the national police can effectively fill in for the UN?


Twoup Nasyonzini ape soti nan sis soti nan 10 Depatman

Gouvènman ayisyen an ki te repoze anpil sou Nasyonzini a bay kèk kalite nan estabilite nan peyi a ap enkyete kòm Etazini Misyon Nasyon Estabilizasyon an Ayiti (MINUSTAH ) anonse ke yo pap prezan nan 6 depatman pandan prezidansyèl, lejislatif ak minisipal eleksyon yo.

MINUSTAH kounye a ap fè yon retrè an Ayiti. Nan de ane kap vini yo , li espere retire pi fò nan sòlda li yo soti nan Nòdès , Nòdwès , Santral, Grandans , Nip ak Sidès.

Gouvènman ayisyen an pa gen yon plan pou ranplase fòs Nasyonzini ki pral kite a. Dapre minis ayisyen responsab pou zafè ki gen rapò ak eleksyon an, Fritz Jean-Louis , retrè a se yon gwo enkyetid. Otorite elektoral lokal yo konsène.

Ou panse ke lapolis nasyonal la ka efektivman ranpli Nasyonzini an?

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Subject: U.N. troops out in six out of 10 Departments by Election time in Haiti edit

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