Outside influence on Haiti. Who is looking out for Haiti - Video

This is an interesting video about the information Wikileaks was able to capture about the outside influence on Haiti.


These information actually showed the pressure exercised by the American Government on Haiti, whether economic or political. As the Wikileaks report published by Haiti Liberte showed, Multi million dollar manufacturing companies from the U.S., with the backing of the US Embassy in Haiti did all they could to prevent the minimum wage for factory workers in Haiti to be $5.00 a day. Some of the companies mentioned include Hanes, Fruit of the Loom and Levi's.

See the Video report by Al Jazeera:

Who is looking out for Haiti?

It seems that everyone is looking out for their own interest except Haiti.

Do we have anyone standing to defend Haiti?

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Rodolphe says...



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Jean Bethy says...

I said this all the time
"we never had a chance since 1804"
will we ever have

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P Samson says...

We only have ourselves to blame for that. All these happened as a resultg of our incxapacity to govern ourselves.

Our personal interest blinds us from seing a bigger picture.

If we do not change, we will disappear as a

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Ravin says...

It is about time that we Haitian start putting our head together to protect the country.

Remember, no one is going to be able to get you out of where you are. Only we can help

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Subject: Outside influence on Haiti. Who is looking out for Haiti - Video edit

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