Haiti Minister of Defense Jean Rodolphe Joazile: Haiti will soon form armed forces

In a declaration, Defense Minister for Haiti stated that Haiti will soon have her own armed forces. He gave indications that the armed forces will be formed before the end of Presidential term of Michel Martelly. The Minister stated that it was one of the promises made by the President during the election campaigns and the President intends to keep the promise.


Defense Minister, Jean Rodolphe Joazile stated that Haiti currently has the support from other countries which include Ecuador, Uruguay, Brazil and France. He mentioned that the first recruits for the Haitian armed forces will originate in the countries supporting the decision. The minister also explained that the individuals who are hopeful to be recruited to the Haitian armed forces are from different backgrounds and that they will be arriving in Haiti by the end of this year.

Joazile gave a precise count and stated that there will be 50 new recruits of which 10 are engineers and are currently undergoing training in Ecuador. These new recruits will replace the Ecuadorian armed forces currently based in Artibonite's Petite-Riviere. Defense Minister Jean Rodolphe Joazile was formerly a soldier of the Armed Forces of Haiti and he states that whether the armed forces will belong to army or whether they will be gendarmerie is absolutely not important.

According to the minister, what's more important is that the nation will have a separate armed force that will take control of Haiti and protect the nation and its people. According to Nord-Est's former Senator, it is very crucial because Haiti is fragile and vulnerable and the formation of the armed forces will prevent the nation from repeating the previous mistakes.

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