Information on PetroCaribe projects to be made public by Valery Numa

Breaking news - Popular radio host of Radio Vision 2000, Valery Numa, just announced that he will make public tomorrow all information about the various projects currently being funded by Petrocaribe. According to the radio host, he will give a list of all the projects estimated to be over 200 from 2008 to 2015. In addition, he promised to release the cost for each project, how much money has been released for each and who has the money.


This is explosive information as Mr. Numa mentioned. Many listeners on the show sent emails and text messages, suggestion medication that are good for Diarrhea as they assume that many of the people responsible for the implementation of the projects will likely be sick in their stomach.

Mesanmi, Aprale gin kouri nan Port-au-Prince demin 5 Fevriye-sa. Valery Numa gin kek informasyon ki prale fè tet moun cho

Valery gin pou mete anpil kaka chat deyor sou projet Petrocaribe yo. Demin, nan program 1 heur pou 3 heur-a li prale di:

1) Kombyen projet an Ayiti ki soti nan lajan Petrocaribe

2) Ki kantite lajan chak projet sa yo koute

3) Ki kantite lajan ki debousse deja sou chak projet

4) Ki moun ki te responsab lajan sa

Tet chaje!!!

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Subject: Information on PetroCaribe projects to be made public by Valery Numa edit

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