Haitian-Vietnamese Ketttie Jean on the Threshold of Major Recognition

Kettie Jean, a Haitian-Vietnamese female actor, is part of a young generation of actors and filmmakers, who are experimenting with digital filmmaking, the technology that gave more creative freedom to filmmakers in the late 90s.


She is the lead actor in a new series airing on YouTube, "The Silent City", shot in isolated areas in New York City. A story of survival after a city has been wiped out by a catastrophic event, leaving only the remaining survivors, it is a film in the tradition of 1980s "Mad Max", a post-apocalyptic film. Kettie plays the role of mystery woman, Otsu, whom the story centers around. She is being trailed by an anonymous character, played by Eric Stafford, who discovers her footprints towards the end of episode one.

Film producer and director Rubidium Wu wants to avoid the onerous task of finding a distributor to pick up his film, and instead concentrate on the creative aspects of producing and directing. Digital technology gives artists like Wu and Kettie unbridled freedom to make the kind of films they want without having to go through the distribution system, to have them seen.

Kettie, born in Jacmel, Haiti, grew up in Montréal, Canada. She studied at the Actor's Studio, earned her Masters in International Affairs, and traveled extensively in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. She brings the diversity of her life experience among many cultures to her acting. She lives, at present, in New York City, acting and working at a not-for-profit organization, for Haiti's recovery.

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