Ties in Bilateral Trade between Vietnam and Haiti

As per the Vietnam government's 2011 records, there is an increase in bilateral trade between Vietnam and Haiti. In 2010 there was a raise of $11 million in the two way trade after which it reached $40 million in 2011. Vietnamese exports are valued at around $15 million.


Haiti's Openness to Trade

Laurent Lamothe, Haiti's Prime Minister stated at the Monday meeting with Nyuyen Tan Dung, Prime Minister of Vietnam that the number stood at $19 million thorough the first six months of 2012. Lamothe continued to make efforts to push the message across that Haiti was open to trade.

He invited investors in Vietnam to consider business in Haiti. During the four day official visit over the weekend by Lamothe, a series of agreements ensuring cooperation are slated to be signed by the two nations. A look is also being taken to increase import of rice from Vietnam by Lamothe, after the severe damage to the agricultural sector in Haiti took place due to the two hurricanes in summer.

Strengthening Friendship And Trade

From his office, Lamothe, made a statement that Haiti is looking forward to rice imports from Vietnam and in the process combating any kind of speculation and offering attractive rates in the market. During his talks with Lamothe, the Vietnamese Prime Minister stated that Vietnam expects a rich future by improving bilateral trade ties with Haiti. Cooperation and friendship would thus get strengthened in the process.

He spoke very highly of achievements made by Haiti in foreign relation expansion, political stability maintenance and achieving development at socio economic levels. He expressed deep admiration for the efforts put in by the Haitian people and government to overcome the 2010 earthquake aftermath. The Haitian PM was all praise for the people of Vietnam for their struggle for reunification, freedom and national independence.

Working On Legal Mechanisms As Well

He expressed thanks to Vietnam for assisting Haiti after aftermath of the earthquake. He gave a confirmation that education, food security, trade, garment and textile industry, telecommunications and trade were the areas of interest Haiti has while developing cooperation with Vietn/am.

The two sides made an agreement to work on legal mechanisms so as to initiate negotiations and increase bilateral ties. They also had praise for a joint venture success Natcom, between the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Haiti and Military Telecoms Group of Vietnam and stated that the same model must be expanded to other fields too.

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