Village Lumane Casimir in Morne-a-Cabris

On May 16, 2013, the Head of the State of Haiti, President Michael Martelly went ahead with a symbolic deliverance of keys to 8 out of 120 beneficiary families. The event was the part of 1st phase of rental housing construction in Morne-à-Cabris. The project aims towards building 3,000 rental houses in Morne-à-Cabris. Started in December 2011, this social project is a part of Martelly-Lamothe administration interventions targeted towards assisting Haiti's most vulnerable social group. The project kicked off under the guidance of UCLBP or Unit for Housing Construction and Public Buildings.


President Martelly said that though the project will not really address the housing problems in the whole of Haiti, it is an example of a greater vision of developing the housing sector in whole country. He said that it is very important to build an inclusive and stable fraternal community and that he is with the beneficiaries towards this great mission. Martelly named this new community as Village Lumane Casimir in memory of the famous Haitian singer Lumane Casimir who moved to Port-au-Prince in search of a better life. Lumane Casimir was named as Princess Nightingale but despite her talents, she died in poverty because of tuberculosis. Martelly said that this happened because she did not receive any support from the state and that it will never happen under his administration.

Head of UCLBP, Mr. Harry Adam said that 1000 units have been completed which consists of 450 apartments and 550 houses and will be delivered soon. He said that the village of 3000 housing units, the village Lumane Casimir has a police station, a fire department and a primary school and later in Phase II, a mini-industrial park, a sports field and public market will also be constructed.

Every housing unit comes with a dining room and two bedrooms and a toilet that includes a sink, a shower and a toilet. The kitchen comes with a gas stove with two fireplaces and a sink. The site will also have electricity and water and each tenant needs to pay 1500 gourdes a month to stay in the house. The Village Lumane Casimir is expected to be completed in full by the beginning of 2015.

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Nicole Jean Louis says...

j'ai besion acheter une ou 2 maison pour ma famille comment on peu fair la communication avec plus information de la conpagny s'il vous

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