U. S. Embassy New Policy for Visa Appointments in Haiti

Consul General of the United States Embassy, Jay Thomas Smith, held a media conference at the American Embassy to discuss the processing of temporary visas. It seems a number of travel agencies wanting to jump to the head of the line to get temporary visas are running a scam, which is increasing the wait time for general applicants to receive their visas.


Travel agencies are using made-up numbers, which the U.S. Embassy does not question, in order to save chunks of appointment times for their employees. As a result of snatching appointment times away from general applicants, wait times have increased through no fault of their own or the U.S. Embassy's.

The U.S. Embassy has implemented a strict new policy all applicants must follow to get visa appointments. It, first of all, must be understood, Smith explained, identification numbers must match on the Sogebank file processing statement and the appointment confirmation page. If they do not match, an appointment cannot be made until the numbers match.

The way to go about making sure the numbers match is to first pay Sogebank the file processing fee. With the Sogebank receipt number in hand, the applicant then fills out the appointment form and submits both the Sogebank receipt and appointment form together. Applicants will then receive an appointment confirmation page referencing the identification number from the Sogebank receipt.

It is expected if all applicants follow this new procedure, wait times for a visa appointment will be reduced.

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