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Strategic Development Plan of Mole Saint-Nicolas

On the site where, in 1492, Christopher Columbus landed, a new frontier of strategic development will take place in a plan mapped out by the IBI-DAA group for the Nord-Ouest department's Môle-Saint-Nicolas.

The town, home to just over 4,000 people will benefit from the plan, set out earlier in November by the group's Vice-President, Rene Hubert, to Mr. Wilson Laleau, Minister of Economy and Finance, as well as deputies, senior officials and senators. Technological progress has been steadily trickling into the area, with them having received cellular phone capability six years ago when Digicel erected a network tower in the area. Môle-Saint-Nicolas is also one of the only places in the country where the roads are fit for sturdy vehicles.

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2014 Census will cost Haitian Government $26 Million

The government of Haiti (GOH) will be conducting its Fifth General Census of Population and Housing in 2014. It is expected to create 15,000-20,000 jobs. Chairman of the National Census Committee, Wilson Laleau, said data gleaned from the two-year count will provide GOH information about people's economic status, and what health and education services are available to them. The 2014 census is projected to cost about $26 million dollars. GOH will absorb most of the cost, with financial support from Brazil and France.

Some of the principle goals of the census include:

Collection of statistics on:
• Population growth.
• Pregnancies, marriages, deaths, and migration behaviors.
• Environmental features and types of housing.

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Haitian Government Signs Deal for First Agricultural Free Zone

A memorandum of understanding was signed by government of Haiti (GOH) officials and a business investor, in anticipation of an Agricultural Free Zone (AFZ), Haiti's first. The AFZ will be developed in the town of Nourribo.

Signatories Trade and Industry Minister, Wilson Laleau; Directorate of Free Zones Director General, Rode Préval; and Agitrans CEO, Jovenel Moïse, say the project will produce 13,000 employment opportunities over a five-year span. Minister Laleau emphasized the Martelly-Lamothe government wants to support and foster ". . . rapid investment in all sectors". They also welcome more private investment in "structural projects in agriculture . . ."

Haiti, known as the poorest country in the western hemisphere, is a victim of food insufficiency. Causes are soil erosion and barrenness, mountainous terrain, and torrential rains. Of Haiti's ten million population, just over half consume an adequate diet. The rest suffer from malnutrition. One-third of crop yields rot because of inadequate processing methods, absence of storage houses, and transportation infrastructure.

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New Finance, Communication Ministers: Wilson Laleau and Josette Darguste

Haiti's ruling power suddenly faced a void because of two consecutive resignations. This forced Laurent Lamothe, Prime Minister of Haiti, to appoint a new Communication minister and new Finance minister. Marie Carmelle Jean-Marie resigned from the post of Economy & Finance Minister. Wilson Laleau was appointed in this position who previously served as Trade and Industry minister.

On the other hand, Regine Godefroy who resigned from the post of Communication minister will be replaced by Josette Darguste, the current Culture Minister for Haiti. Both these appointments made by Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe were approved by Haitian President Michel Martelly. The statement about this confirmation was issued from the office of Prime Minister.

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Creation of industrial free zones, Tabarre, Varreux in Cite Soleil

Minister of Industry and Commerce, Wilson Laleau, met with President of the National Council of Free Zones (CNZF), Rode Préval on Monday to join forces with the Société Immobilière de Développement SA (SIDSA). The agreement is for the initiation of a new industrial free zone in Tabarre. Préval states that this will directly create as many as 3,500 new jobs and up to 15,000 indirect ones.

The projected Tabarre free zone will take up an estimated 3 carreaux of land and will house two buildings of over 10,000 square meters each. These modernly constructed industrial buildings were made with promoting Haiti in mind. The facilities are described as 'attractive and should entice overseas investors. They are slated to have circulation areas that allow ease in transport of the 56 40ft containers they are slated to boast.

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Wilson Laleau or Daniel Supplice, Who will be Haiti Next Prime Minister ?

Michel Martelli is keeping the population guessing as to his choice for the next Prime Minister. Several names have been incirculation; however only two have been confirmed to be serious candidates. They are Wilson Laleau and Daniel Supplice.

Forget about other names that have appeared on the list of possible candidates for Prime Ministers. It has been common practices in Haiti for some people to include their own names in high government functions that have become vacant just for the publicity and name recognition.

The two candidates rumored to be on the final list of President Michel Martelly are well qualified for the Prime Minister position and also do not carry baggage that would make it hard to get a consensus. Professor Wilson Laleau is the current Vice Rector of Academic Affairs at the Université d'Etat d'Haiti. Sociologist Daniel Supplice is also a well respected educator.

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The List of Potential Rouzier Cabinet Members is out. See it here first

The "Haitian Joudalist" is always on top of the action. We have the revised list of the people who will be in charge of the different ministries under Daniel Rouzier government. This is not an official list. It was provided by Haitilibre.Com and it is subject to change or modification at any point before it becomes official.

The list is as follows:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs -- Mr. Daniel Supplice (Sociologist and principal political adviser of Michel Martelly)

Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor -- Mr. Richard Morasse (economist)

Ministry of Agriculture -- Mr. Eric Balthazar (Historian UEH)

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