The Environment in Grand-Gosier

Efforts are being exerted to improve the environment of the town of Grand-Gosier in Belle-Anse Arrondissement. This small town in the Sud Est department has experienced environmental degradation in the past. Rampant illegal logging is never good for the environment and Grand-Gosier's land was not spared from it. Due to too much logging of wood, the town's environment suffered and was greatly damaged. It also caused the extensive deforestation in the municipality. Because of this, non-government organizations became concerned about the town's environment. Therefore, they came up with plans and programs to restore the environment, which is very important. The organizations made efforts to reforest the affected areas.


The forest is not the only significant area in the town as residents also rely on fishing as their source of income. Many people fish along the coast to provide food and livelihood for their families. Because it is a coastal town, the weather here is both hot and wet.

Meanwhile, transportation to and fro the town might be quite long. Grand Gosier does not have its own airport but there are two nearby airports. The Campo Airport is 35 kilometers from the town, 5 kilometers closer than the Cabo Rojo Airport. If people are coming from outside the country, then they might have to use the Toussaint Louverture International Airport, which is in Port-au-Prince, 60 kilometers from Grand Gosier.

While Grand Gosier is a small town, there are more than 10,800 residents living in the area, which can be found in the southwestern region.

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