RE: The Haitian Military Is Back As Forces Arme D'Haiti Occupied Camp...

Monel - February 9 2012, 6:24 PM

who cares for this para-military forces that the picture had been shown, those guys you seen in that picture look like some singglendo kidnapper who nothing with the haitian's army, that known by haitian constitution.

those guys are making mistakes, they have to remember the way Ravis Remissaint, grenn sonnen aand others were dead on the transition's government lead by former prime minister Gerard Latortue after the kidnapping of Aristide.

I think those in a matter of days those "atache"gonna passed the same way with RAVIX and GRENN SONNEN.

because the united nations forces and the haitian police not goona let those guys meke panic in the population,
si wap gade visaj neg yo nan foto ki poste-a, yo sanble yon paket kidnape hi pran kek sitwayen an otag, se menn neg sa kap tiye polis, kap vole ak tout ensekirite kap toumante peyi-a.
Mwen panse neg ak de men yo, kek grenn zam yo genyen po yo lage latroublay nan peyi-a, si martely pa arete neg sa yo, nan jou kap vini la yo, pep la ak tout oganizasyon popile yo ap mache pran yo.

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