The Militarization of Haiti-Dominican Republic Border

Haiti is separated with Dominican Republic by long uneven crooked teeth like barricade on the Massacre River. The armed Dominican border guards sit and stare blankly at the opposite bank from their assigned posts. On the other side of the river, the Haitian women wash clothes on rocks and innocent children splash in the water. CESFRONT is the name of Specialized Dominican Republic's Border Security Force. It was established in 2006 with a purpose to restrict the entry of illegal migrants crossing Haitian-Dominican border.


CESFRONT is an extension of U.S Homeland Department's Security of Customs and Border Protection with technical advice and expertise support to promote "strong borders" abroad as part of U.S war against global terror. Militarized borders are becoming more common all over the world, especially in regions with US influence. U.S quick response to the 2010 earthquake in Haiti is a good example on how border associated fears on mass immigration can deploy proactive protective measures. The fact that remains behind these quick, strong defensive measures is that U.S border is no more static. Their homeland security is no more restricted within their homeland--it is international and continuously moving. Washington is making every efforts to "push out" its boundary enforcement regime--an initiative that has roots much deeper than 9/11.

U.S military is training the Dominican border patrol force for last few years with sophisticated surveillance destructive systems and Washington is playing dirty border politics through Dominicans that slaughtered over 20,000 Haitians in 1937. This ghastly genocide of the twentieth century created a 227 miles boundary between the countries although they share the same island 'Hispaniola'. Their enmity reaches back decades, if not centuries; unacknowledged but institutionalized.

On the Dominican border, men in uniform with guns and authority to detain, deport and kill are rudimenting fearful desperate Haitians who are devoid of most fundamentals.

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