Stephanie Villedrouin new Tourism logo in Haiti Haitian Compas Festival

Stephanie Villedrouin is the tourism minister of Haiti and has created a new logo and slogan for a promotional campaign just in time for the Haitian Compas Festival. She was really determined to change the reputation of Haiti's tourism industry. She felt people abroad do not know of Haiti's tourism. There was an international tour of promotion organized by 14th Haitian Compas Festival which was taking place in Miami. Stephanie thought of this tour as an opportunity to market tourism in Haiti.


She wanted to make people aware of the new slogan and new logo of the ministry of tourism. Minister Stephanie Villedrouin had T-shirts and caps written the new logo and slogan. She then looked for people to wear those T-shirts and caps in the festival. It was ironic that she showed out the logo and slogan before the official release on 1st June.

There were people delegated by the ministry to seat in the two main tents at the site of Bay Side Park, Miami. These people were to offer assistance to any person who wished to know various tourism sites in Haiti. Apart from this Villedrouin ensured that many banners giving the various tourism attraction sites in Haiti were seen in the festival. The Regional Director of Ministry of Tourism, the Director of Investment and members of cabinet were also not left out in the festival. They gave out 4 iPads that showed the progress of the tourism attraction sites in Haiti.

The new logo was also shown on the big screen by use of projector in the festival where more than 20,000 people had gathered to watch music being played. She asked some friends and Haitians to come and have a picture of all the richness of Haiti. Stephanie Villedrouin acted as the government spokesman during the event where she appreciated special guests like Mr. Rodney Noel, the promoter of 14th Haitian Compas Festival. Mr. Noel had really brought in the pride of Haitian culture and music in the festival. He made sure that people got to know more of Haiti and its culture which was also a tourism attraction site.

Stephanie also met Medias such as Island TV or Radio Mega to emphasize the need to make people aware of the riches of Haiti. She had meetings with Mr. Serge Rodriguez, Director of operation of Haitian Heritage Museum, with whom they discussed development of the museum and its operation. She was opportunistic and was looking for means that would improve the tourism of Haiti. She knew that Haiti had so many tourism sites and if improved would provide income to the country and to the employees.

She also had meetings with Ms. Eveline Pierre, Executive Director and Mr. Bonhomme of Miami Dade County Public school who would serve as a good guide to people visiting Haiti's tourism sites. To ensure good tour guide she had a group of 250 drivers who are supposed to get tourists from the airport and drive them to various tourist sites. Minister Stephanie Villedrouin will always be remembered because of this festival for making people aware of the riches of Haiti and for introducing this new logo and new slogan in tourism ministry.

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Subject: Stephanie Villedrouin new Tourism logo in Haiti Haitian Compas Festival edit

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