Wharf Jérémie Project to Revitalize Cité Soleil

The latest reconstruction project to rejuvenate Haiti's infrastructure is the Wharf of Jérémie Project, to be built in Cité Soleil. It will be, primarily, a commercial port serving the inter-regional and coastal areas of the Caribbean. The supporting infrastructure would house the new offices of the Port Authority, a vocational training center, public plaza, beach resort, and market.


In attendance at the ground-breaking ceremonies were President Martelly, government ministers, and Cité Soleil and Port-au-Prince mayors.

Martelly admitted Cité Soleil has been ignored by the government of Haiti (GOH), to the detriment of its development. He was referring to Parliament, of course, and not himself as part of Cité Soleil's problems. He invoked resounding declarations like, "I am listening to you!", and "I am at your disposal!"

He told the townspeople the road to success starts with education and vocational training. Then the build-up of a socio-economic infrastructure is possible. This leads to development of local government functions, and a prepared workforce to erect new roads, bridges, and recreational sites. This plan to develop Wharf Jérémie, he claimed, would actualize their full potentialities.

Martelly also cautioned the citizenry to be patient, for the project would take two years to complete. And to not let anti-government forces incite them to violent demonstrations of protest.

Petrocaribe is the funding partner of GOH for this Wharf Jérémie project, which will cost $20 million USD. The construction site will cover five acres. Phase two of the project will restore the bank of Port-au-Prince Bay.

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