What is Fear and what are the common Fears

Fear is one of the most common and most powerful kinds of emotion that every human being experiences at some point.


Fear is a mechanism or a response to a certain stimulus that could be associated to danger, horror, or pain.

The universal emotion of fear has two stages, first is a biochemical reaction and the second is an emotional reaction. A biochemical reaction usually involves several physical traits such as sweating, increased heartbeat, and adrenaline rush. During this stage, an individual undergoes a mental process of "fight or flight" where he or she prepares the body to react either by facing the situation like going in battle or to run away. An emotional reaction then happens, which is fear. This stage could determine the experience of fear as positive or negative. Extreme sports and horror films usually have a positive bearing to fear, but most fearful experiences are often dealt with and perceived negatively such as accidents.

In a deeper, more psychological level, extreme could lead to disorders in the form of phobias. These are usually triggered by person, places, objects, or situations that mostly have no kind of danger associated with them. This makes most phobias unreasonable as individuals react to fear in an unusual, even distorted, way.

The most common fears are that of spiders, snakes, heights, narrow spaces, dogs, injections, flying, and germs. But what most human beings share is the fear of death. Everyone is afraid of dying and the absence of an afterlife, or even the presence of hell.

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