What is Roulette

The roulette is quite a complicated gambling game. But with the use of different strategies, a player could surely heighten his or her chances of winning a bet.


First kind of strategy is the Martingale betting strategy. This involves the player doubling the bet after every loss in order to make the first win recover all losses and at the same time to be able to win a bet equivalent to the amount of the original bet. But as compared to other strategies to choose, this is very risky and does not necessarily ensure the player of a win and instead escalates the possibility of a loss.

Another strategy is the Fibonacci system. It is a score system wherein a player could calculate the score of decisions, situations, and results throughout the game. As compared to the first strategy, it is more stable as losing streaks are avoided through ensuring at least a single win throughout the game through this system.

Next is the "Dopey experiment" which involves the division of roulette bankrolls into 35 units. This is a playful strategy as compared to other strategies but only ensures the player of a 60% chance of winning with 35 spins.

Aside from these three well-known and often used strategies, players have recently creating their very own systems in predicting the outcome of roulette spins and choosing the number or colour that will most likely be where the ball lands. There have also been technologies and gadgets that were invented for the sake of being able to cheat a player's way to a greater percentage of winning.

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