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Paul - April 8 2011, 8:16 PM

I believe then principles of conduct behind each great nation or nation in search of greatness, are to do temporal reassessment, reevaluation of our position in the world and to accept our realities.

We have been trumpeting for years that we, Haitians, have understood and accepted the very complex concept of Democracy, its laws and its flaws.

This is again a great opportunity to show to the world that we are adult in our behavior and intelligent in our actions.

Through an accepted electoral process, Haitians who have voted, have chosen a CEO. This a right, this is a prerogative and a choice.

So why can't all of us who profess love for Haiti, and I don't doubt it, put action behind their rhetoric by accepting the Haitian choice.

Those who think they can, could, would do better, and I convince there are plenty, please get in line for the next election, let the people know who you are. In the meantime, step up to the plate to help the country and its people anyway possible, whether you are friend or foe of Mr. Martely.

Let history unfold.

Would I have voted for Mr. Martely?

No. He did not pass my criteria for a CEO of a country like Haiti?

But would I have voted for many the aspirants or many of the past occupants of the Throne?

Big No.I do not believe that their portfolio or record of governance, are any better, any more "moral", "intellectual/intelligent" than Mr. Martely's. Haitian History is plagued with destruction of people, property and of the haitian psyche, disrespect of laws and social etiquette, disrespect for basic human right, shameless personal enrichment(thievery), nepotism and the list of "virtues" or "vices" depending on one's concept of right and wrong, goes ad infinitum.

So let Mr. Martely show his programs to lift Haiti.

Let him choose the people he wants to help achieve his goals.

Give him some breathing room. And he shows that he wants and he shows that he is capable of doing something good, at least for once in our history, let's work with him.


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