RE: Deputies Under Inite Platform As Consultants At Ministry Of The...

Josephine Napoleon - August 3 2011, 12:24 AM

Haiti has always been a corrupted Island.

Do you actually think that would change.

I have an individual who said "if Haiti is to chance it corruption tactis the whole Island would have to be kill and we could start fresh".

Sorry Michel Martely no offense to you. Martelly, you don't have enough honest people around you. Everyman for himself in Haiti and its sad. Why do you think its taking so long just to get a Prime Minister in place.

They all corrupted

It does not surprise me at all for these Deputies to be under fire. By the way, who are the choosing few investigating these Deputies, I promise you that its the same corrupted people doing the investigations.

Haiti is a Merry Go Around.

Another word, the same old stuff.

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