Deputies Under Inite Platform as consultants at Ministry of the Interior

Is this a case of corruption when 11 members of Inite party are engaged in consulting jobs? Some how I did not know it was so easy to get a job in Haiti.


The RNDDH reported that several current Haitian Parliamentarians were being paid as consultants from October 2010 at the Ministry of Interior. All were members of the Inite Platform. According to the report, these are the same people who were responsible to fight corruption.

"Rat Kay Kap Mange Poul Kay"

Based on the report issued by RNDDH, except for one, all Deputies Under Inite Platform were receiving Monthly salary of 100,000 gourdes, each.

The report also pointed out that while these Deputies were being paid as consultants, they were also involved in their re-election campaign at the time.

He! No Problem Man

Most of them were reelected, while conducting their consulting job on the side.

I have a better name for these Deputies. They should be called: "Miracle workers"


Is this a classic case of corruption by the Deputies Under Inite Platform?

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Willy says...

If you are speaking about corruption for a minute let see the first thing Michel Martely has done By presidential decree created a fund that charges $1.50 every time u send a transfer to Haiti and who is in charge of that fund HIS WIFE THAT IS HIGHWAY

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Josephine Napoleon says...

Haiti has always been a corrupted Island.

Do you actually think that would change.

I have an individual who said "if Haiti is to chance it corruption tactis the whole Island would have to be kill and we could start fresh".

Sorry Michel Martely no offense to you. Martelly, you don't have enough honest people around you. Everyman for himself in Haiti and its sad. Why do you think its taking so long just to get a Prime Minister in place.

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