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RE: Cap-Haitien, Limonade and Quartier-Morin flooded

Unfortunately Haiti must stand alone in its emergencies because so much money had been donated to Haiti and the money is no where to be found nor was it giving to those who... more »

RE: Will The Next Prime Minister Be Dr. Garry Conille?

I'll put all my money on it that Dr. Garry Conille will probably get to be the next Prime Minister. However, it will be a fight just the same because its politics in Haiti as... more »

RE: Deputies Under Inite Platform As Consultants At Ministry Of The...

Haiti has always been a corrupted Island. Do you actually think that would change. I have an individual who said "if Haiti is to chance it corruption tactis the whole Island... more »

RE: People In Cap-Haitian Threw Stones And Bottles At Michel Martelly

Its time that we the people of Haitians decendant to start to act like smart people just like (smart phones). Threwing stones/bottles does not solve anything. Also, a president... more »

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