Michel Martelly meets Jean Bertrand Aristide

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Jose says...

I think it's very important to try to reconciliate this nation. I know some irreductibles will fight this process, but I'm sure the tformer and new president are sincere. May God... more »

Eric Martelly says...

In Michel Martelly, there is true hope that Haiti will see the Sun. Finally, we have a president who does not put himself before the country. Unbelievable but true! Monsieur le... more »

Toto1 says...

Haiti has many needs: 1)We need at least 10 new Universities 2)We need about 10 new technical schools 3)We need to exploit petroleum, gold, marble, silicon,Bauxite,Iridium. 4)We... more »

Friz Tintin says...

The nwe presdent has done what Aristide refused to do with Cedras. more »

D. Micanor says...

Though I am very late to send a comment on this,let me tell you that haiti is on the real rail of reconsiliation.But you personnally are you ready for that? Michel Martelly is... more »

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