RE: Protesters Demonstrating Against Haiti Election 2010

Kok Kreyol - December 7 2010, 4:59 PM

keep it quiet you. What do you know about Haiti.

This is a country where the people know what they want. They haven't got yet anything they wish but they don't wanna take any crap neither.

Wherever you're living, whatever goods you might own or whatever lifestyle you maybe living you can never feel what haitian people are about.

No stress no suicide.

We want the world to know that we don't want no crap anymore.

We know what have been plotted on us and why. But we will stand as a nation to make our own decision.

You wanna help?

start asking THE WHO you know why they keep interfering and financing corruption, violence in Haiti.

if they dont stop while they can we will do what others do to make them realise that in Haiti we want to "VIVRE LIBRE OU MOURIR"

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In watching this video clip, I feel sad for my...

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