RE: Arnel Belizaire's Criminal Record Does Not Qualify Him As Victim

Danie - November 8 2011, 10:03 AM

depi janw ale a mwen we se yon evade ou ye tou menm jan ak arnel, se agry ou agry paske ou we martelly gen vision pou peyia .se sak fe yal kouvri anba iminite pou yo ka touye, vole, kidnape e piye.apre ou menm ki pou ta defann yon evade kouwe arnel kiyes anko?you better shut your f

as welllll

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Danie:nan dwa konstitisyonel yo pa gen arete yon moun...

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Arnel Belizaire's Criminal record does not qualify him as victim

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Danie ou konfond vision ak sa ki yon...

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