Re: New Music Video For Djakout Number 1 - Pwofite

Alexandre - March 2 2012, 9:56 AM

Eddie notes:February 25, 2009 at 10:34 pm I’ve got a quicker way to edit those files arelady on the phone.

this is if there is arelady art added to the files (shows up on iTunes/WMP but not on the n95 player).

Just select the all the files with the same cover art. Then right click on the art at the lower left part of the window, select Cover type>Front cover.

Then click the save icon. A dialog box saying writing tag data will appear…wait for it to run it’s course and you’re set.No need to muck about renaming /transferring files "i dont understand this, is this being done on itunes?

i hate itunes and have all my music as WMP, and theres nothing about saving album art, i have the 5800, and all i want is some awesome album covers while i listen to my music, and not a shabby square with xpress music' writen on it![] - []

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New Music video for Djakout Number 1 - Pwofite

This is the latest Music Video from the New and improved Djakout Number 1 album titled Pwofite. As you may know, the band is no longer called...

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