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Tole - March 2 2012, 9:41 AM

At this point, the congressional black accuus and these celebrities need to give it a rest. yes the election was marred with fraud but people who did not get to vote in last election can vote now. as for the Lavalas party, it has broken up, Preval was smart enough to incorporate many high profile Lavalas in his government and a few of the candidate run under a different party.

As a haitian woman, I care more about my counry moving forward than any leader or political party.

the Majority of haitians are ok with these two selections, so can we please move on. we have 1million homeless people, the people are resilient yes, but we are tired and we want to move on with reconstruction.

Those who did not get a chance to run or be elected, they can wait but the homeless in haiti can't.Why don't the black Caucus and these celebrities do something more valuable with their time, like figuring out what happen to the billions in aid money that was distributed to the NGOs as we know, the Haitian government received less that 1% of the donated funds and haitian private businesses received less than 2% of the contracts.

so if the Haitian govt didn't get the money, the private sector didn't get the contracts, so where's the money Red Cross, 200 millions in plastic sheets?

let's focus on how Haiti can become self-sustain, is Haiti condemn to be a beggar state where the NGOs beg on behalf of Haiti so they can use the funds to employ themselves and award large contracts to their buddies and continue to blame the Haitian government.

That's the real issue, this election distraction is nonsense! who cares who get elected in this election, don't you know that Haitian legislature pass a law authorizing the HIRC (head by Bill Clinton) to make all rebuilding decisions.

so how much power is the new president going to have in shaping the country, Clinton get to cut and separate the cake will these Haitian politicians fight and scramble for the crumbs falling of the table!

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