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Rodolphe - August 30 2012, 6:44 PM

You are right about the disrespect from American A/L.
In 1974, I was going to NYC from Port-au-Prince, when a stewardess went over a Haitian lady to pick a container with chicken bones.

The bones spilled over the lady. I was across the isle, when I observed that the Haitian lady had to pick up the spill on her own. I got mad and demanded the stewardess apologized to the passenger.

The stewardess looked surprised and looked at me. So I had to remind her that this passenger is not riding for free on this plane.

No matter how dark the lady may look, she is a human being just like her. She had to pay with green backs just like the white passengers.

That she better apologize to the passenger before I call the Captain.

Only then did she realize that not all Haitians will tolerate this attitude.

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