RE: Don't you just get sick and tired about the usual pictures on Haiti on TV

Nestor Porfirio Mateo - October 29 2013, 11:16 PM

Those who really want to help the Haitian people, should have to fight for the following:
- That the natural resources of Haiti, the labor force capacity of the Haitian people, their skills and creativity, the potential of its strategic geographic location, be commercially exploited taking in consideration the socio-economic development and the benefit of its people.

- Haiti will still receive a lot of very diverse solidarity aid, even in appearance, but regardless of that this aid reaches the people as a whole or not, what is what we really hope in justice, that those resources consist of more than just to be that ...


- Just with "help"...only the situation of some people improves, it somehow releases some social problems for some time, but it does not developed countries.

- That what really contributes to the development of peoples is a National Plan, a National Development Plan, a policy of "State", consciously and truly respected by all political parties that make up the political system of the Nation;
- To integrate the principle of continuation of the state, that is, to continue with the course of implementation of development plans regardless of which of those political parties conquer the power to rule country in subsequent electoral processes and, God willing, that continue to be achieved by exercising constitutional democratic vote as an inalienable right of the people;
- The establishment of a political system that guarantees the separation of the three branches of government and their operation without the interference of each other;
- To guarantee social investment in health, education, public safety;
- That the national education system led to the local production of consumer goods and services for domestic trade and export;
- To electrify and to industrialize the whole country;
- To develop the full potential of the country's tourism and ecotourism, among other measures.

- Let everyone understand that "yes we can" in Haiti as well.

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Don't you just get sick and tired about the usual pictures on Haiti on TV

I am getting sick and tired about the usual pictures that I see on TV, Newspaper, Youtube, and other medias whenever the Haiti subject comes up...

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