Plan for Route Nationale #1, Port-au-Prince To Cap-Haitian, into Highway

Bill Vastine - December 5 2013, 7:45 PM

Next, would be to incorporate an additional plan to at the same time acquire real estate and funding to implement a bi-directional rail system along with the highway...allowing decent & economical transport for the mass populous that have no vehicles & mass transport of goods from all regions between the two cities.

At one time, long ago, Haiti had a fairly extensive rail system...we need it back....Major highways, with acquired right of way are the best economical solutions to bringing back rail systems to Haiti, costs may be defrayed (both ways) and mass transit for people and goods between all cities & towns along the way....sensible & sustainable

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Transforming Route Nationale #1, Port-au-Prince To Cap-Haitian, into Highway

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