Transforming Route Nationale #1, Port-au-Prince To Cap-Haitian, into Highway

What would you say if I tell you there is a plan to make "Route Nationale #1" safer, more efficient and overall better. While we are fighting among ourselves, the multi-year plan to make Haiti an emerging country is moving ahead.


In the objective to improve economic development in Haiti, an investment of $50 million is being made by the Inter-American Development Bank to improve road transportation between Port-au-Prince and Cap-Haitien which are the biggest cities in Haiti.

By the time this project is over, the road from Port-au-Prince to Cap-Haitian will be equipped with guardrails, speed bumps and road signs. The road will also have widening shoulders.

Due to ongoing lost of life in Haiti roads, a portion of the fund will be reserved for traffic education. The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) seeks to educate motorists about road safety.

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Bill Vastine says...

Next, would be to incorporate an additional plan to at the same time acquire real estate and funding to implement a bi-directional rail system along with the highway...allowing decent & economical transport for the mass populous that have no vehicles & mass transport of goods from all regions between the two cities.

At one time, long ago, Haiti had a fairly extensive rail system...we need it back....Major highways, with acquired right of way are the best economical solutions to bringing back rail systems to Haiti, costs may be defrayed (both ways) and mass transit for people and goods between all cities & towns along the

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Bill Vastine says...

As long as the "plan" is a "multi-year, investment in reality" A plan that incorporates real world design, growth potential, safety, highway education, maintenance, and a real sustainable effort at major infrastructure between the two largest cities, and ports, and soon to be airports.

Should be at a minimum, three lanes each direction, two lanes for vehicular traffic, one dedicated lane for trucks, each way. Full land acquisition for full highway shoulders on each side (break down lanes) that could become future expansion lanes in long term. Forget the speed bumps...install specific signage to educate the Haitian people on how to operate vehicles and that you must pull over into the shoulder/breakdown lane or push yourself into same. No more stopping in middle of road and fixing your axle....roving police patrols to maintain common sense, and speed controls.

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Kaoukaw says...


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Soulshadow55 says...

Have faith, Haiti will get better if we believe and work towards the goal of a better

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Frideny Eliassaint says...

Great for us, let's go Haiti.

Sa n paka

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Positivo says...

Tanpri moise jn charles residivice kote ye kite peyi a mache

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Clovi Camilien says...

This is a fantastic project, please do not blow

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